Specialty Pharmacy Growth

We provide dedicated onsite and remote services to help clients create, improve, grow and manage their specialty pharmacy programs, with a wide variety of offerings:
  • Perform data analytics to evaluate growth opportunities, track specialty pharmacy prescribing trends, and determine potential capture
  • Review and assess infrastructure to develop a strategic implementation roadmap for optimizing services and business capture
  • Evaluate and improve programs and opportunity for improved patient medication access and benefits investigation, including prior authorization, co-pay, and medication assistance programs
  • Provide strategic guidance for workflow planning, project management, and implementation support to maximize the success and efficiency of the program
  • Provide facility design and workflow recommendations for comprehensive in-house services
  • Assess data contract opportunities, support vendor negotiations, and aid in implementation
  • Evaluate and improve discharge and clinic-based patient prescription capture efforts
  • Develop and implement targeted marketing efforts for employees, customers, patients, and prescribers, including enhancement of physician and clinic relations
  • Provide guidance and support through accreditation processes
  • Develop and support strategies to optimize payer contracts and limited drug distribution access
  • Provide ongoing tracking of program efficiency and performance
  • Assist with fully integrated call center and clinical program design and implementation
  • Coordinate and support Limited Liability Corporation business strategy and formation

To learn more about our services, including our traditional and performance-based pricing models, please contact us at info@nexysrx.com